Our Services

Difficult Access Work

• All rigs track mounted.
• Diamond rigs small footprint.
• All support gear is AWD.
• Ability to set up and drill without the use of below ground sumps.

Geotechnical and Metallurgical Drilling

• Geotechnical and metallurgical coring in P, H and N sizes.
• Triple tube capability.
• Pressure meter tests.
• In situ instrumentation installations (piezometers, inclinometers, extensometers).
• Permeability tests (packer testing).

Directional Drilling

• Multi Intersection Navi Drilling and downhole motor work.
• Wedging.
• Controlled drilling techniques utilizing barrel, bit and running gear configuration to achieve desired result.
• Digital multi shot surveying.

Water Bore Drilling

• Rotary mud capability.
• Hammer drilling available.
• Bore development.
• Flow and pump testing.

Reverse Circulation

• Option to purchase high capacity multi-purpose rig.
• 300m using 4.5” dual walled RC drill rods.
• Dust suppression system (water injection).
• Hands free rod handling.
• 500psi/1150cfm – 350psi/1350cfm compressor.
• Booster if required.

Diamond Coring

• P, H, N and B wireline sizes.
• Chrome and standard barrels.
• Full digital orientation of core available.
• Maximum depth of 1540m B with diamond rigs.
• Maximum depth of 2400m B with multi-purpose rig.

Remote Site Work

• Fully self contained mobile camp facilities.
• Satellite communications set up including telephone, fax and internet.